every alley
This monochrome dawn is breaking. Will grumbles of her own concerns. I do not remember my dreams, but I do stride in the direciton of my will. I am learning to speak again.
The light casts noble metal over the forest crown and cornices of Outer Berlin. I can see strong weather coming, and birds from the east race this column of rain to land. My
True Vessel
Pack up riots and riotous laughter, Bring them to concrete and candle Grind them, and concentrate Choose to engrave a red letter, And flit away, with cool paste, Left on wings of bees
Trip - 3.23.19
03:34 GMT+1 Began the journey 04:57 - Walked willa. Began to clean from shabbat. Stopped to tie the old basil flowers into a bouqet for M. Presently rearranging the kitchen.
Chia life
Been working on my breads of late. I guess topping a challa with chia seeds is a hipster flex?
nail chirp
The birds beyond the eave wail nails to the morning Each screech makes heads turn, ears perk Me and my hound, we loop the landing, having skipped sleep for an open window, having
if you could make anything...
Just received shipment of this beautiful thing. Lots of big plans in my head, but first it'll have to be assembled. Not exactly sure when I'll get to go about it. I've read
A year of tremendous growth, for myself, and for those around me. Starting the year, I was jobless, burning my savings, living in a 20m2 apartment with coal heat, along with my partner
owl that
owl that sits upon my stove i pet with loving hand ungloved she coos and stirs but is unmoved her gaze of glass is total proof owl that soars into the night i
(1) The view from here
The Grin mainnet is set to launch this week, and I haven't been this excited for an event in the blockchain space for quite some time (since Zcash, I'd say). Everything I've seen
Quotidian Joy
It is difficult trying to figure out what belongs on a blog. I haven't used much social media, so I think I've not developed the innate sense that many have for what is
Open question: is Jadzia Dax the greatest character in the history of television?
A first incompleteness, looping strangely in you (art by escher)
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