The Grin mainnet is set to launch this week, and I haven't been this excited for an event in the blockchain space for quite some time (since Zcash, I'd say). Everything I've seen from the Grin project inspires confidence: their decision not to do a premine or other get-rich-quick bastardization, their language selection (rust ftw), and their demeanor online.

More than that, though, the project is Harry Potter themed. I mean, come on! I know that seems trivial, even childish, but here's the thing: the blockchain space turned extremely toxic over the last several years. All the joy and wonder of the early days seemed to evaporate in a cloud of hodl, and it drove manyof us who weren't in it for a quick buck to distance ourselves.

I don't mean to put too much on the shoulders of this single project, but rather just to express appreciation for a team that is bringing some of the original bitcoin ethos back into play.