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These times

These times

Just surviving in these times, that's about all one can do.

The day will come again when my free time flows freely toward experimentation and stories and art and love. Right now, to give myself the kindness of just getting through, that's about all I can do.

I've often wanted to write here, lessons learned. For example – I think that to write what I can recollect, of how the Free Network Foundation met its demise, would be a worthwhile thing. How we also become what we fight.

I took out the analytics from this site, so now more so than before, this is just noise into the void. I am okay with that. I do keep a record – have written more this year than any other, but all quietly and to myself.

I've spent so much time this year staring at a screen. I can feel the inflamed tendons in the right hand, from the unstoppable doom scrolling.

It is so tempting to thing that we'll get through this pandemic, and that things will get better. I still think things are going to get better, but not because of any inexorable force. There is no one coming save us. But the power of ingenuity still beats in our broken, sacred hearts. We are still animated by the divine. We can still play, invent, imagine.

We can do so much better than internet. Some day we'll have an organic global brain. Some day we'll figure out how to regenerate the commons. Some day we will ask what lets the flowers of our mind bloom, and then we will do that. Until then, I send this to you, whoever you are – in love and solidarity, and hope.

Berlin - December 31st 2020