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Trip - 3.23.19

Trip - 3.23.19

03:34 GMT+1 Began the journey

04:57 - Walked willa. Began to clean from shabbat. Stopped to tie the old basil flowers into a bouqet for M. Presently rearranging the kitchen.

5:25 - Finished rearranging. Back to cleaning now. The sun is rising in the east, the same colors in the basil.

6:26 - Finished cleaning. Everything is in place.

Scrubbing the last gunk from the steel of the sink was a moment of inflection. It could have, perhaps should have, been difficult. It was not. Everything felt right.

I poured a shot of bourbon at the end of it all, not to drink, but to disinfect my fingertips, which were waterlogged, and had minor nicks. I enjoyed watching it go down the drain.

I was pleased throughout with my ability to comfort myself, and to remind myself of what was important, what was trivial, and what was sublime. I felt a strong sense of direction, to make beautiful and soft and clean my home, in order to offer a better welcome.